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Re: I Should have taken my camera!

Subject: Re: I Should have taken my camera!
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 17:10:43 -0500
When my Caravan approached 123456, I slowed down in the middle of a local
road and took a sequence of 20 pictures as it turned to exactly that
number. My daughter thought I was crazy...until she saw the pictures. I
also tied up traffic for about 10 minutes as I creeped along watching the
odometer turn to its magic number. 


t 01:32 PM 12/09/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>The proper alternative is to drive another 99999 miles... 
>Better get crackin'
>At 10:25 AM 12/9/99 PST, Simon Matthews wrote:
>>On a recent journey to meet with a supplier for my company, the odometer in 
>>my '57 MGA rolled round to '00000'. Wish I had had a camer to photograph
>>I suppose I could roll it back, but it would not quite be the same.
>>Oh well!

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