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RE: Solenoid installation

To: "'Paul Hunt'" <>, "MGS (E-mail)" <>
Subject: RE: Solenoid installation
From: "Jon Lind" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 10:15:26 -0700
> Unless you have also mechanically attached the broken tab as well as
> soldering it I can't see it staying on for very long, lead-solder is
> mechancally very weak, particularly with the weight of wiring
> flapping about
> over bumps.  Taping the wire to the heavy-current cable may help.

Good point.  Hmm.  Right now it doesn't matter because I took the starter
out and reattached the solenoid (removing and installing the starter was
very easy--much easier than taking just the solenoid off and on) and got the
whole thing working on the bench.

Now I go back to my wiring harness to find that the brown wire feeding the
starter relay is dead.  I had replaced all the connectors on the brown wires
that tie off at the solenoid, and all the connections there are good, but
for some reason that one brown wire is dead.  The diagram shows this wire at
a 4 way junction somewhere, but I have no idea where, of course.  Obviously
something's not making it through.


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