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Re: Trying to change a Piston with Engine and Crank in Place (TD)

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Subject: Re: Trying to change a Piston with Engine and Crank in Place (TD)
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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 09:09:10 -0800
Yeah, Terry, but I'll bet you never owned a 1934 MG PA which, if you didn't
use it for a week or so (and in those days I could afford only a gallon of
gas a week!) had the following starting procedure...........

1) Raise hood
2) Remove No. 4 spark plug
3) Press starter button
4) Watch water being pumped out of No. 4 plug hole
5) Replace plug when flow ceases
6) Replace plug and wire, lower hood
7) Start car

I had to do that for a year (1961) and I never did take the head off to find
out what was cracked. Oh to be young and impecunious!

British Sportscar Center
(Who approves the MOWOG thread idea but wonders about the need for radios in
sports cars, even ones that picked up Real Comedians!)

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> I vote for the Mowog thread, we haven't done that one in a while!
> When I was in college in the 50's, I had a TD with a collapsed
> piston.....could only afford rings, and they would last almost a year
> they began to break up.  I then put the car up on a homemade hoist and
> the head and pan, took the rod and piston out from below, removed the
> rings, shoved it up through the bore, put on the new rings, used a hose
> to compress them and carefully pushed the piston back down into its bore
> connected the rod to the crank.....soaked the head gasket in water to get
> asbestos to expand a little, head back on and off to school.....I think I
> this 3 years running.....I can still remember driving through the rainy
> Louisiana back country operating the windshield wipers by hand and
> to Jack Benny on the radio......
> Terry

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