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No, that was the PA that started my love for MGs. It was an almost derelict
car that I bought from the Wimbledon, England, MG dealer for the princely
sum of 30 pounds. I still remember the disgusted look on my father's face
when I told him I'd just bought an MG - but that he needed to come and tow
it home for me! It was registered ANE 200 and I've been unable to locate it
in England so my guess is that it went to the breaker's yard long ago. It
really was pretty rough!

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> << Who approves the MOWOG thread idea but wonders about the need for
radios in
>  sports cars, even ones that picked up Real Comedians!)
>   >>
> Lawrie, is this the self same PA you have now?  As I recall, the TD came
> a radio in the glove box......I part-won that TD in a poker game but thats
> another thread!!!
> Some one was looking for a Radiomobile the other day for his MGA....there
> a nice one at acution on Ebay presently.....
> Cheers, Terry

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