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Thank you Thank you Thank you. (plus electrical prob.)

To: MG list <>
Subject: Thank you Thank you Thank you. (plus electrical prob.)
From: Rick Sinclair <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 16:05:55 -0800
Dear list,
        (If you are not interested in a success story, just skip to the
bottom for the question.)
        Many thanks! After all your help, I finally have fixed the problem,
and now the '68 'b runs! There is snow here (and I am 14), so I didn't
take it for a drive, but I sat in it revving the engine for about 15
minutes. Such Joy! Such Happiness!
        Anyway, the problem was actually very simple. I had determined it had
spark and compression, so the only culprit I could think of was gas. I
disconnected the fuel line at the carbs, cranked it, and nothing came
out! Finally, I knew approximately where the Problem was. I Jacked it
up to check the Fuel pump, and my Dad noticed a wire that was
disconnected. Hook it up, turn the key, and PRESTO!, the pump started
clicking. (I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before) tried cranking
it, no go. Used WD-40 as a starter fluid (all out of ether), and
WOW!!! It started. It sounded so nice!
        Now, on to the next problem. Out of the headlights, horn, dials, 
brake lights,turn signals, and windshield wipers, only the headlights
work. I would
appreciate your input on this problem.
        You've got to love these cars.
        Rory Sinclair             <:-P
        '68 MGB

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