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Re: Thank you Thank you Thank you. (plus electrical prob.)

To: Rick Sinclair <>
Subject: Re: Thank you Thank you Thank you. (plus electrical prob.)
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 22:02:58 -0800

       Congratulations on your success!  If you read the various labels on the
can of WD-40 you'll discover that the propellant is Propane.  Do you have a
wiring diagram for the car?  It'll make it much easier to help troubleshoot the
electrical problems.

Bud Krueger

Rick Sinclair wrote:

> Dear list,
>         (If you are not interested in a success story, just skip to the
> bottom for the question.)
>         Many thanks! After all your help, I finally have fixed the problem,
> and now the '68 'b runs! There is snow here (and I am 14), so I didn't
> take it for a drive, but I sat in it revving the engine for about 15
> minutes. Such Joy! Such Happiness!
>         Anyway, the problem was actually very simple. I had determined it had
> spark and compression, so the only culprit I could think of was gas. I
> disconnected the fuel line at the carbs, cranked it, and nothing came
> out! Finally, I knew approximately where the Problem was. I Jacked it
> up to check the Fuel pump, and my Dad noticed a wire that was
> disconnected. Hook it up, turn the key, and PRESTO!, the pump started
> clicking. (I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before) tried cranking
> it, no go. Used WD-40 as a starter fluid (all out of ether), and
> WOW!!! It started. It sounded so nice!
>         Now, on to the next problem. Out of the headlights, horn, dials,
> brake lights,turn signals, and windshield wipers, only the headlights
> work. I would
> appreciate your input on this problem.
>         You've got to love these cars.
>         Rory Sinclair             <:-P
>         '68 MGB

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