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Re: Engine bearings

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Subject: Re: Engine bearings
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:42:47 -0000
You say 'high gear', doesn't it do it in other gears?  Is there any
difference in the vibration between accellerating, overrun and steady speed?


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Subject: Engine bearings

> As I knew would happen, I'm slowly replacing everything on my 77B engine.
> I've rebuilt the carb, new choke, water pump, timing chain, tensioner, and
> all the assorted tune-up goodies, but there is still a problem. When I get
> to about 40 mph in high gear, a strange vibration starts. If I push in the
> clutch it goes away, and comes back when I release the clutch. If I rev
> engine with the clutch in (while going 40mph) I can get it to stop, and
> engine will run past 40 without the vibration. If the problem were in the
> drivetrain or suspension, I would assume the vibration would remain, even
> with the clutch depressed. Also on a 100 mile trip, it went through a
> of oil, but don't ask me where it went. This doesn't happen all the time,
> and below 2000 rpm it runs great. Could this be bad main bearings? (The
> engine has 92,000 miles on it) If this is the case, winter in Montana is
> not a bad time to have the engine out.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.
> John
> 77MGB etc.

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