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non lbc please help

Subject: non lbc please help
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 18:10:48 -0700
Sorry about non lbc content but my friend needs diagnostic help on an 87
Jeep Cherokee straight 6.
Went to start it up after 2 weeks sitting in AZ weather (no rain, but a
little chilly at night), and nothing
We tried jumping it (with a Honda) and got the starter to turn, but the
car wouldn't start.
Gas smell so it seems like enough gas is getting to the engine (fuel
We think it may be spark but don't know how to proceed.
Any help with diagnosis, tips on what to look for, similar experiences,
etc. would be greatly appreciated.
again, sorry about the no LBC- (but he needs to get the car back to
Phoenix so I can have his parking space for my B in January-there you
Mike Jose

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