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Subject: Panhard
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 10:57:18 EST
< My next thought is now to stiffen up the rear end with the addition
of a panhard rod (V8-style).  Any thoughts on this?>

A panhard rod doesn't 'stiffen' the rear end. It prevents the casing from 
moving sideways under cornering loads, often a good idea (I use one on my MGA 
race car, as with the stock gas tank there is insufficient room to install 
the bellcrank of a Watts link, a superior solution).

I'd suggest that you spend some time with a handling text or two (or the site 
several people noted for you, which is excellent). Fitting a 7/8" rear bar, 
unless mated with a suitable front bar, is NOT what would be recommended for 
a B.

I used to use a rear bar on my race car when using an open diff, but not for 
close track or slalom use - too much understeer. Out on the track, that is a 
plus, and manageable.  As my LSD introduces it's own measure of undertseer, I 
currently run without a rear bar.


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