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MGB hard to start - starting fluid OK?

Subject: MGB hard to start - starting fluid OK?
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 16:21:10 EST
I have a 78 MGB that is becoming increasingly difficult to start on cold 
mornings. The ignition seems to be OK, and the timing is reasonably accurate. 
I am thinking its possibly a choke problem. I am wondering if anyone out 
there in cyber MG land uses a can of starting fluid occasionally to help 
start their LBC. I know this stuff can be dangerous to the motor if not used 
responsibly. Would a little squirt now and then be OK? Or is it a definate 
no-no? Thanks in advance........

                                       Bill in Missouri 
62 MK II MGA Roadster
78 MGB Roadster (daily driver-and hard to start sometimes!)

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