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MG List logo embroidered shirts offer

To: <>
Subject: MG List logo embroidered shirts offer
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 18:44:11 -0500
I'm not sure if thie made it out to everyone on the list. I know I never saw
it echo back to me. So I'll try one more time.

> Although this message is a bit commercial it does relate directly to the
> list.
> To all on the MG list:
>  I would like to offer to you the opportunity to have a shirt with the MG
> email list logo embroidered on it. I have done this for several other of
> email lists already. The logo I am talking about can be
> at:
> The shirts are 100% cotton Haines Stedman "golf" type polo shirts. If
> is interested please conntact me off list at:
> The cost will be $22.00 including first class shipping for sizes Small
> XLarge, $23.00 for XXLarge and $24.00 for XXXLarge. The color will be
> determind by your suggestions and what would look good to contrast the
> Thank You
> Ralph Jannelli

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