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RE: Electrical Diagram

To: "'Rick Sinclair'" <>, MG list <>
Subject: RE: Electrical Diagram
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:06:01 +0100
Funny Haynes manual you have.
Mine shows negative ground diagrams as well including variations for several
years, where bigger changes took place.
I have done lots of work on the electrics on my BGT, and had almost no
problem sorting it out all with the help of the Haynes manual, although
there are some errors in it.



'71 BGT

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> From: Rick Sinclair []
> Sent: donderdag 16 december 1999 23:58
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> Subject:      Electrical Diagram
> O.K., who switched my manual on me? Went out to try and fix some of
> the electrical stuff on the 'B, and almost everything I look at in the
> wiring diagram in my manual is different. My car is a negative ground
> (earth) car, and all the haynes diagrams are pos. ground. Is this
> another case of the dreaded DPO syndrome? Does someone know where I
> can find the correct diagram? Your help is appreciated.
> Rory Sinclair       <:-P
> '68 MGB
> P.S. Yes, it is the right manual.

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