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Re: Grounding locations on 65 MGB

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Subject: Re: Grounding locations on 65 MGB
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:54:07 -0000
The Workshop Manual shows all five instruments with ground wires.  Generally
I think you will find that if a grounding tag has one wire it will go to a
component, if it has three or more it will go to the body.  Tags with two
wires could be either, but glancing at the diag for a 71 it seems that the
only ones behind the dash with two wires are the ones that daisy-chain to
the gauges.  There only seem to be three body grounding points - one at the
front for the lights and starter relay with two wires, one behind the dash
with five wires, and one in the boot/trunk with three wires.


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> Subject: Grounding locations on 65 MGB
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> I am installing a new harness in a 65 MGB shell. I have no pictures of
> previous wiring so I have no clear idea of where ground wires go. There
> three  wires to be grounded on the drivers side and two wires to be
> on the passengerside. Are these wires to be grounded to instruments or to
> various points on the body. By the size of the fittings (small round
> fittings) on the ground wires it appears they would fit on instruments.
> of the reading I have doing suggests that the instruments are grounded
> they come in contact with the dash which makes me wonder if the wire
> on the body. Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Vic
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