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'67 MGB I looked at.. Opinions Please

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Subject: '67 MGB I looked at.. Opinions Please
From: Alan Pfau <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 18:28:55 -0600
        Hi All,
        For some time I've known of a '67 (I believe, I haven't checked 
numbers) in the area that has been setting, probably for about 7 years inside 
and now 1 year outside. I finally went over to look at it briefly last Friday. 
It wasn't quite as nice as the guy described it, but still not too bad. He 
talked about it like all it needed was to get it running again and enjoy, but 
to do it right I would think you'd need to go through it fairly completely. He 
said he had it running two years ago, put a new exhaust on it, drove it a few 
times then pretty much lost interest after winter set in. (He also had some 
health problems...he's not really a friend but I do know him somewhat through 
his excavation business. He got it by doing some work for a guy who offered it 
in trade. I do remember seeing it on the road probably 8 years or so ago, 
probably when he first got it.))
        On the good side, it seems all there and has wire wheels. The seats 
look like they would clean up pretty good, but the carpet is shot as well as 
the top. The door panels have an ameteur covering and need to be 
        It has been resprayed at some point in time and I did feel some bondo 
in the dog leg (right hand side) and it has a quarter size rust hole in the 
sill  just in front of it. The bondo bothered me and I told him I'd get back to 
him a week or so. Without really probing around, it seemed the sills are solid 
with the exception of the back seam, and the area of bondo in the dog-leg was 
probably about six inches in diameter, so who knows how extensive the damage (I 
assume rust) is. I couldn't get a good look underneath, but what I saw seemed 
solid. The speedo read about 70k, but who knows. 
        At first I was turned-off since I really don't have the time for 
another project, but I've always wanted a CBB with wire wheels. I can do most 
of the work myself, I've restored a few cars before and do have a good work 
        He wants an offer rather then give a price, but I know he really just 
wants to get rid of it. He's also smart enough to know he's not doing the car 
any favors and would like to see it saved. I wouldn't be surprised if I could 
get it for $500 - $700. He also does not have the title since it was lost in a 
building fire. I called the sec. of state, they indicated he could file for a 
lost title if he brings in his fire report (which he has). I don't think this 
will be a problem, and he certainly will cooperate on that.
        So what's the conventional wisdom here? What would a relatively decent, 
complete '67 B be worth? One that needs a good going through but all worked 
before it was parked. 
        If I don' t want it, I'll pass it along to someone else in our local 
club who I'm sure will buy it.

Thanks for your opinions, I have been out of the hobby for awhile, after 
starting our family, and it feels good to be out looking and dreaming again.

Al Pfau

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