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MG Magnette ZB

To: <>
Subject: MG Magnette ZB
From: "Dennis and Kathy Skog" <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 20:41:06 -0800
For those who replied to my last posting , my new project car is indeed a
1958 MG Magnette ZB. Does anyone know of a source for body panel pieces
such as sills and floorboards or am I going to have to take  the time to
my own ? The floorboards and sills seem to be prone to rust and will need
repair/replacement.  I was looking for a Wintertime project and I guess now
I have one!

Dennis Skog

'64 MGB Angel (his)
'66 MGB Baby  (his)
'80 MGB LE Shadow (hers)
'60 Jag MKI Reggie (hers too)
'58 MG ZB Magnette  Nonameyet (she wants it to be hers but I'll put up a

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