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Ignition warning lamp

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: Ignition warning lamp
From: "Steve Murphy" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 11:48:56 -0500
Hi gang,
    I've noticed that the Ignition warning lamp on my 77B will glow, albeit
very dimly, when running under relatively loads, ie:  idling with
headlamps+heater fan +brake and turn signals. It all but extinguishes at
speed, and the battery does not seem to be discharging. This is my first MG,
and I have found some faults in the wiring already, so I am wondering if
this is normal or something I need to pay attention to.
    On a related note, since others have recently posted regarding
electrical problems, the Scions of Lucas web page has the Lucas wiring color
code table at This, along with the
Haynes manual schematics, (and a little help from Rick Astley and Jeff Zorn)
was a great aid when I had to correct some botched wiring on my car.
Happy Holidays!
Steve Murphy (77MGB)

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