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RE: Ignition warning lamp

To: "'Steve Murphy'" <>, MG List <>
Subject: RE: Ignition warning lamp
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 21:26:12 +0100
Hi Steve,

I had this with mine.
It turned out to be that the brushes were not making all the best of
I have cleaned these things and it appeared to be the the brushes weren not
making good contact before cleaning.
It all works fine now.



'71 BGT
p.s. I saw lots of nice British beauties today on a British car show in our
Lots of people.
3 MG booths (generic - MGA - MGT series)
Beautiful MG's, Truimphs, Healys, Jaguars, Rolls Royces, etc.

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> From: Steve Murphy []
> Sent: zondag 19 december 1999 17:49
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> Subject:      Ignition warning lamp
> Hi gang,
>     I've noticed that the Ignition warning lamp on my 77B will glow,
> albeit
> very dimly, when running under relatively loads, ie:  idling with
> headlamps+heater fan +brake and turn signals. It all but extinguishes at
> speed, and the battery does not seem to be discharging. This is my first
> MG,
> and I have found some faults in the wiring already, so I am wondering if
> this is normal or something I need to pay attention to.
>     On a related note, since others have recently posted regarding
> electrical problems, the Scions of Lucas web page has the Lucas wiring
> color
> code table at This, along with
> the
> Haynes manual schematics, (and a little help from Rick Astley and Jeff
> Zorn)
> was a great aid when I had to correct some botched wiring on my car.
> Happy Holidays!
> Steve Murphy (77MGB)

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