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Rod and main bearings.

To: MG Board <>
Subject: Rod and main bearings.
From: (Baker, G.)
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 13:23:38 -0900
   Has anyone ever heard of "crush force" being one of the forces
holding the bearings in place in the saddles and caps?  Are there bad
consequences to removing the bearing from the caps after the crank has
been torqued once or even more?  I'm not talking about ANY damage to the
bearing or switching the bearing and saddles around after the torque
just pulling the cap off, removing the bearing, replacing the bearing
and retorqueing.
    I know ARP suggests torqueing, loosening and retorqueing several
times and I don't see the difference as to whether the bearing would be
removed or not. If it is a 'force', I'll bet is damned small.
Gregg Baker

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