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Re: Emissions in Illinois

Subject: Re: Emissions in Illinois
From: Jeff Fayne <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 16:08:39 -0600 wrote:

> My 72 B will have to go through emissions this year.  In the past I would
> detune...hobble in ....pass the a block ...reset timing and
> carbs and be happy till next time...would do this forever but now Illinois
> does not let the driver sit in the car...they drive it in, and spin the
> wheels to test.  So the old method is gone.  Now I sell my car that I
> love and have brought back from near death over the last 10 years , and buy a
> older car.....if I get antique insurance and plates will that get me out of
> testing...If I drop in a pre 69 engine will that get me out of it...if I
> change the engine serial number to reflect pre testing manufacture,might that
> get me past testing procedure...Do I break the law and change the VIN  ... I
> want to be legal...anyone know how to help me in Illinois?      Thanks
> Jerry

Hi Jerry,

I'm about to undergo this myself this spring after a 2 year rebuild
(engine/body/interior). I did some digging around the Illinois EPA site
( and came up with the
following info:

Emission testing is only performed on '68 and newer vehicles with the enhanced
dyno testing done on '81 or newer. Your '72 (and my '70) will still be tested
using the old idle test.

It appears that the regulations follow the registered model year, not engine

A waiver will be issued upon failure of subsequent testing if, all original
emissions equip. is present and operating, and a maximum of $450 is spent on
repairs by a recognized repair tech. in order to get the vehicle to pass.
Positive improvements must be shown in the 2nd testing.

SO, it appears that you (and I) may luck out, it we can hobble in and pass the
first time, without inspection and $$$ outlay. My suggestion, find a repair
facility with a calibrated gas-analyzer that will work with you to set your car
up to pass the first time and keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck,


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