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LBC Sighting - Bad News

Subject: LBC Sighting - Bad News
From: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 00:50:04 -0400
Yeah, that episode is a rerun and I saw it several months ago when I was
off the list.  P*ssed me off too.  So did last month's Special Interest
Autos, BTW.  Guy writing on the Cortina, compared it with a '63 MGB and
claimed the B had no spirit.  Copy like that is unnecessary - especially in
an enthusiast magazine where folks ought to know better.

But I feel better now.


>From: Larry Macy <>
>Tonights episode of King of Queens was pretty sad. It featured a really
>nice looking RHD Austin Mini. However instead of treating the car like
>the classic it is - they made it a joke. It was supposedly made in
>Luxembourg and had no power. Obviously the writers have no appreciation
>for classic LBC's. The dad (Jerry Stiller) gave it as a present for Xmas.
>They hated it - it was ridiculous. One comment - "I am a teamster, how
>can I show up for work in this?"
>Sorry - it really irked me.
>Larry Macy
>78 Midget

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