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Re: Timeout - lister(s) near Hopkinton

Subject: Re: Timeout - lister(s) near Hopkinton
From: Steve Walker <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:52:09 -0500
Is this beginning to sound like an excuse to get together? Wayside Inn
perchance? I'm in Marlborough, work in Waltham....

Steve Walker
'78B, psLE

At 06:50 PM 12/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
>     I'm not too far away from there.  I work for Polaroid in Wayland, Mass.
>and I live in Plymouth, Mass.  Let me know when you're coming.  My phone
>at work is (781) 386-3737, at home it's (508) 746-6735.
>Bud Krueger
>Clarence R. Krueger
>Sr. Princ. Eng.
>Polaroid Corp.
>400 Boston Post Rd.
>Wayland, MA 01778
>Hans Duinhoven wrote:
>> Dear listers,
>> On December 24th it will be my last day I'm actually working for the Simac
>> company in the Netherlands. Per January 1st I'm going to work again for an
>> American company at their Dutch subsidary: EMC (squarded) as a pre-sales
>> consultant. (Previously I worked for DEC, Data General and Control Data)
>> In order to build my knowledge I'll follow several training sessions at
>> EMC's training facilities, propably at Hopkinton Mas. (1st week I'm
there is
>> starting on January 10th)
>> Maybe some lister is near this location, so we can have contact later on...
>> So I'll sign off later this week.
>> Thank all the listers for their contribution to my knowledge and I hope to
>> return to this great MG world somewhere in January. I assume my new email
>> address wil become
>> Have a great Christmas time and a prosporous new millenium!
>> Cheers,
>> Hans
>> '71 BGT
>> Homephone (+31 252 414183)
>>         (p.s. if someone likes to see my ready GT, I'll be pleased to
send a
>> BMP)

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