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Re: Timeout - lister(s) near Hopkinton

To: Hans Duinhoven <>
Subject: Re: Timeout - lister(s) near Hopkinton
From: Frank Krajewski <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 10:55:09 -0500
I am in southern Rhode Island not too far from Hopkinton, Mass. Would be great
for listers  from this area to get together while you are here! Maybe we could
even wear our list hats!
Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski

Hans Duinhoven wrote:

> Dear listers,
> On December 24th it will be my last day I'm actually working for the Simac
> company in the Netherlands. Per January 1st I'm going to work again for an
> American company at their Dutch subsidary: EMC (squarded) as a pre-sales
> consultant. (Previously I worked for DEC, Data General and Control Data)
> In order to build my knowledge I'll follow several training sessions at
> EMC's training facilities, propably at Hopkinton Mas. (1st week I'm there is
> starting on January 10th)
> Maybe some lister is near this location, so we can have contact later on...
> So I'll sign off later this week.
> Thank all the listers for their contribution to my knowledge and I hope to
> return to this great MG world somewhere in January. I assume my new email
> address wil become
> Have a great Christmas time and a prosporous new millenium!
> Cheers,
> Hans
> '71 BGT
> Homephone (+31 252 414183)
>         (p.s. if someone likes to see my ready GT, I'll be pleased to send a
> BMP)

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