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Re: Why unibody?

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Subject: Re: Why unibody?
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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 19:45:28 -0000
Doesn't the TR6 have a seperate body and chassis?  At any rate, BMIHT make
TR6 bodies and deliver them on a transportation 'chassis', presumably
Pressed Steel or whoever could have done, if not actually did, the same.

I do remember reading something about soft-die tooling somewhere in the MG
story, but wouldn't it have been a bit early for the MGB?  The special deal
I seem to remember was a higher unit price in return for lower start-up
costs.  It was the only way they could get enough funding I think.


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Subject: Re: Why unibody?

> I'm going to suggest that the way MG assembled the MGB had a lot to do
> the choice of a unibody.  This might be a chicken before the egg idea, but
> MG had made MGs with chassis... where the traditional assembly order is
> chassis, running gear, body... then they would not have been able to have
> ready painted and assembled shells delivered from Pressed Steel to which
> later added the running gear.  Just an idea, because I guess the Abingdon
> plant was too small tohave a paint plant and a body assembly area and what
> not.
>    My second idea is that the stunning Frua MGA-replacement, which was
> on a chassis and noted in books as being VERY HEAVY, lead them to think
> unibodies to save weight.
>   Also, BMC was really into unibodies at that time.
>    Was there some strange deal between Pressed Steel and MG over an MG
> the tooling was "soft die" or something like that, and there was a deal
> MG had to pay for this cheaper experimental soft die tooling but if it
> up not wroking, PRessed Steel would re-tool in normal body dies...  and
> soft dies didnt' make it through the first pressing or something like that
> MG got real tooling on-the-cheap... So maybe PRessed Steel was trying to
> the MGB a show car for thier talents and urged a modern monocoque shell?
> the MGB that car?  I might be mixed up.
>    Just a few ideas...
> John Elwood
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