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Rad Supports 77B

To: "mg list" <>
Subject: Rad Supports 77B
From: "Andrew Proudfoot" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 20:56:19 -0330
Fellow Listers;
Well, saddly the 77B shan't be home for Xmas. :-(     But, is progressing,
trunk, doors, interior of body tub, & trunk interior are all painted. As our
agreement was to have the car home for Xmas the gent asked to day if I would
like to have the old radiator supports removed from the engine bay. Requires
cutting out the spot welds and filling etc. She's a 77 with 74 engine & rad.
Currently the old rad supports are used for the after market air horn &
small compressor.
Anyone out there expierienced with this? Any thoughts to the pros &/or
I could never easily convert back but why would I want to?

Well thats it for the auto ramblings & questions of the day. I want to wish
all list members and their families a prosperous & Merry Christmas Season.

Seasons Greetings, Safety Fast & Many Years of Motoring in the New

Andy, Margaret, Meghan, Java (the pup) & the 77B

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