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must be magic (long)

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Subject: must be magic (long)
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:29:13 -0500
In late Sept a manager at one of the dealerships I am affiliated with
brought an 80 B LE to get my opinion of the value as the owner was
considering trading it in.  Seemed like a solid car, not real great repaint,
no smog, Weber downdraft (DGV?), okay interior, good top.  I could find no
rust,which is a rarity here in SE Michigan.  So I told him what I thought
and that I would be a buyer.  He said he wouldn't mind having it, but with 2
kids and a wife that couldn't drive a stick, it just wouldn't be practical.
A few days later I saw it in his lot and asked if he won it.  He told me he
did but that he was going to buy it!  It kinda p***** me off cuz he is just
not an LBC type of guy.  Well, this poor B sat outside all this time and
finally yesterday he was going to move it to storage for the winter.  Got a
call last night that he found a car he would rather have (Mustang GT
conv),and was I still interested.  Once he quoted me a price $400 higher
than I previously could have gotten it for I told him no, not right now.  He
said okay, that he had other buyers.  The other buyer is another co-worker
who really has no interest in MG's other than they are kinda cool summer
cars, and he wanted to buy it.  Problem is that his wife doesn't want him
to.  I know this guy, and if he didn't wreck or beat it up too bad he would
get tired of it and want to sell it in a year or so and I would get it then
anyway.  But it looks like his wife won't let him get it.  I told him he
could have till Monday to 'work' his wife, but most likely I will get it.
And the guy came down $200 on his price, so now it's 'only' $2600!  Boy,
will my wife be surprised!
Only thing that seems odd is that the shifter towers a full 8 inches over
the console, which feels too high.
I'll report Monday whether I get it now or have to wait.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday.

Gordie Bird
62 MGA
86 Audi 4kq
80 MGB (well...maybe)

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