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Re: Holiday Wishes

Subject: Re: Holiday Wishes
From: Linda Gaubert <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 21:14:12 -0500

Maybe she bought you one of the ones in Jim's yard over at BRG and is
storing it there until Christmas morning.....were you a bad boy this

I got my wife a new rear bumper for her GT from BRG---who said diamonds
are a girls best friend??

Merry Christmas!!

Ed Gaubert

70 MGB          (maintained with parts from BRG)
73 MGB GT       (ditto)
60 MGA          (rescued from Jim's yard)
68 Morris Minor (released from one of Jim's containers) wrote:
> Health, happiness & fun to all, this Holiday Season!!!!! May Santa reward you
> with all you want!!!!  Still can not find where my wife has hidden my MGA
> Coupe;  I wish!  God's Speed to all. Keep the MG Spirit Alive.
> Ray Easterby
> 72 BGT orig owner
> 88 Xj 40

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