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Re: Paint Restoration

To: MGB73 <>
Subject: Re: Paint Restoration
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 08:00:52 -0600
MGB73 wrote:

> Any suggestions on restoring old paint.
> The B was repainted about 20 years ago with a pretty good quality enamel (no
> orange peel effect) that shines up pretty nice.  Kit Scratch Out does a
> great job at preparing the surface and it looks like a newer paint job
> afterwards.
> Problem is the paint oxidizes real quick (blue does that I quess).  To keep
> the car shine up, I have to buff it about every two weeks.  I've tried a
> number of waxes, but doesn't seem to matter.  It just oxidizes.
> I think it needs a sealer of some sort that will bond with the old paint to
> harden it.  Thoughts.
> Nick Coleman
> 73 MGB
> San Diego MG Club  NAMGBR

    Well, Nick, what's happened is that your paint finally dried out.  The
purpose of waxes, of course, is to keep that from happening.  Once the paint has
reached the stage where it will buff out and then die, there is nothing left but
a repaint.  This is a good spot to point out that dishwashing detergent is the
very worst thing to use to wash cars.  Most have a degreaser which is good for
dishes but terrible for auto paint.
    Sunshine is pretty tough on paint, as well.  The next worst thing for paint
is polish and scratch removers.  Either of those take away paint and even a
fresh paint job has very little paint on the surface.  I realize that none of
this will help now but when you get your new fresh paint job keep the carnuba
wax on religiously and you will never have to "polish" the car.
Larry Dickstein
Lone Jack, MO

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