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Re: Paint Restoration

To: MGB73 <>
Subject: Re: Paint Restoration
From: Carl French <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 06:52:14 -0500
MGB73 wrote:
> Any suggestions on restoring old paint.
> The B was repainted about 20 years ago with a pretty good quality enamel (no
> orange peel effect) that shines up pretty nice.  Kit Scratch Out does a
> great job at preparing the surface and it looks like a newer paint job
> afterwards.
> Problem is the paint oxidizes real quick (blue does that I quess).  To keep
> the car shine up, 

My brother has had the same problem with his 67BGT. It is painted a sort
of mineral blue (respray) and he was having the exact problem you were
having. He has wet sanded the entire finish tried several coats of
several products including two %100 carnuba waxes, initially his best
results were with 'system 2000' but then he tried a Meguire's product
the name of which escapes me and it had an immediate, dramatic effect.
Old paint is old paint and I think you are at best postponing the
inevitable new paint job but I will foward this to him and he will know
the product number.
Carl French

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