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Right-Rear noise

To: <>
Subject: Right-Rear noise
From: "Tony Woodruff" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 12:31:51 -0800
Hello fellow LBC friends,

Now that winter is here, and the hood is up on the 67 MGB I can hear noises 
that weren't audible with the top down!

Coming from the right rear is a sound that I can only describe as "oval".  It 
sounds like, perhaps, the axle is moving just a little bit up and down as the 
car moves.  I may also be imagining that I feel some of that movement as I 
drive (hard to say as roads aren't perfectly smooth).

Is this noise/movement familiar to anyone?  Is the car going to fall apart?  
Ideas for correcting (if necessary)?


Tony W
67 MGB

BTW:  My 1967 B-GT Parts car (almost completely stripped of parts) is being 
purchased by a fellow that wants the rolling body for a racing car.  Electronic 
dash, Chevy V-6 engine, etc.  Well, it's better than the crusher!

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