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Death of a car

Subject: Death of a car
From: Jim M <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:57:42 +0000


Just to let you know that my brothers blue 72BGT as seen on Skye's site
which he has built up over the years to have a stage3 head, stiff anti-roll
bars,limited-slip diff etc. has been written off as scrap by his insurance
company due to a nice lady not looking where she was going!. He was stood
at a set of lights a Renault Clio stopped but this lady driving her Renault
Laguna didn't even see them! the consequence of this being her car written
off, she even managed to crack the engine block!!!!!, the Renault Clio
written off front and rear completely stoved in, and now my brothers BGT
has joined the fatalites and will now go for scrap despite the fact that
the rear chassis members being  true, these MG's are VERY strong. I'm sorry
to ramble but I'm p**ssed off by this so you can imagine what my brother

72 BGT

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