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Re: My steering wheel won't come off!

Subject: Re: My steering wheel won't come off!
From: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 22:17:29 -0400
Before you buy a wheel puller...  Friend of mine told me how to pull a
steering wheel - claimed it had never failed.  I only needed to try it once
but it worked.  Sit in driving position.  Pull wheel hard toward you at 3
o'clock while pushing equally firmly away from you at 9.  Now reverse -
pulling at 9 while pushing at 3.  Don't be afraid of bending the wheel, my
friend said - it won't bend.  And it didn't bend.  It DID come off after
rocking it this way a few times.

BTW: if you MUST use a BFH, keep the nut on far enough so that BFH hits the
nut rather than the end of shaft where it will wreck threads and/or spread
the end of the shaft so that the nut will no longer screw on.

Good luck,


>FYI, J.C. Whitney sells a wheel-puller for around $5 very similar to one I
>paid $12 to rent, only to discover I had to buy different bolts to make it
>work.  Works it does, and without doing any damage to the hardware or you.  I
>bought one for the next go-round.
>J Donoghue

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