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Re: My steering wheel won't come off!

Subject: Re: My steering wheel won't come off!
From: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:16:06 -0400
Oops - ' sorry about that.  Max is right - I was not thinking of banjo
wheels!  Regardless of my friend's intentions, I wouldn't try this on a
banjo wheel myself.  In fact, on most old banjo wheels I've seen, the part
of the wheel holding the wire spokes  was already broken or weakened -
presumably just from age and use.  The wheel I removed in this manner was
on a '77 and I don't think I would be afraid to try it on any of the
post-banjo wheels - circa '70-76.

I've lost the original part of this thread and can't remember what year car
was in question.   Something got me thinking only of '70s Bs.  Though I
didn't say it, I certainly never meant to apply that trick to banjo wheels.


>Subject: Re: My steering wheel won't come off!
>From: Max Heim <>
>Florrie & Allen Bachelder had this to say:
>>...Pull wheel hard toward you at 3
>>o'clock while pushing equally firmly away from you at 9.  Now reverse -
>>pulling at 9 while pushing at 3.  Don't be afraid of bending the wheel, my
>>friend said - it won't bend.  And it didn't bend.  It DID come off after
>>rocking it this way a few times.
>Man! I would *never* apply twisting force to a "banjo" wheel..
>But you say it worked for you... on what type of steering wheel?

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