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Re: Rolling Rear Fenders for Clearance

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Subject: Re: Rolling Rear Fenders for Clearance
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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 08:57:24 -0800
I used a couple of different sized dowels that I picked up from the local
hardware store...suppose a baseball bat would work because it is tapered.
But, I like the dowels because the wood is softer and easier on the car.

You really need three people to roll the lip.  One to drive, one to work the
dowel, and one to sit on the car fender.
Procedure is to put the dowel (or bat) at an angle between the fender and
the tire.  Then slowly drive the car back and forth...couple of feet each
way.  Works like a charm.

But, be careful.  The paint can (and probably will) chip at the bend.  I
think the combination of the person on the fender (since the suspension will
lift them) and the softer dowel (since the lip can dig into the wood) will
help minimize this.

The handling after putting the wider tires on was an exponential leap.


73 MGB (with rolled fenders running 15" Panasport rims and 195/60 Pirelli
San Diego MG Club    NAMGBR

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Subject: Rolling Rear Fenders for Clearance

> A little while ago, there were a few posts and a few emails directly to me
> regarding how to roll the rear fenders to gain tire clearance. I have
> lost the posts. If anyone could refresh my memory I would greatly
> it.
> One technique that I remember involves a baseball bat.
> Thanx.

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