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Re: Title/Plates Cost

Subject: Re: Title/Plates Cost
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 11:53:14 -0600
Here in Iowa, I paid 13.00 to register my '64 MGB, along with a 10.00
title transfer fee. My 2000 registration fee will drop to 11.00.

And we always used to gripe about how expensive it was to register our
cars compared to Illinois....

Chris Rogers
'64 MGB wrote:
> Yesterday I went to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office (which in most
> other states I have resided in would be called the Department of Motor
> Vehicles) to change the title of a '65 Midget I bought last spring into my
> name. Normally I wouldn't bother with a car that I am not putting plates on
> and driving. I usually just hang on to the signed off title until I need to
> plate it. The change of plans was precipitated by a new fee schedule going in
> to effect Jan. 1. The cost of converting a title is currently $13. Next week
> it jumps to $65! Annual plates jump as well. This makes me curious as to what
> similar fees are elsewhere. I know the $48 annual plate fee we were paying is
> relatively cheap. It is jumping to $78 which still isn't bad compared to some
> states. What kind of fees are assessed in other states, provinces and
> countries?
> Kim Tonry
> Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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