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Re: Ignition Light Default

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Subject: Re: Ignition Light Default
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 16:01:33 -0000
Remove the plug from the alternator and connect a test-lamp to the
brown/yellow.  Its other side should be connected to ground.  With the test
lamp connected like this both the test lamp bulb and the warning light
should be glowing at about half-brilliance (depending on the relative
wattages of the bulbs, the lower-wattage bulb will glow brighter).

If they are glowing then the fault is inside the alternator.  If neither are
glowing then move the test-lamp to the warning light holder (bulb in place)
and try there on the brown/yellow then on the white (only the test-lamp
should glow here, at full brilliance).  If it still doesn't glow than move
back towards the ignition switch on the white.

Remember that a voltmeter is quite capable of showing the presence of 12v on
a wire that has a high-resistance fault, whereas when you connect a
low-resistance load such as a bulb the 12v will vanish.


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Subject: Ignition Light Default

> Ok guys.  The ignition warning light on my '76 B is not working.  I have
> 12v to the light itself via the white wire.  The brown/yellow wire goes
> back to the alternator negative side.  I cleaned the contacts.  Turn on
> the key and still the light does not come on (yes the bulb is ok).  Any
> ideas out there?
> Thanks.
> Dave Ciaccio
> '76MGB

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