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was a perplexing question (kinda long) not any more!

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Subject: was a perplexing question (kinda long) not any more!
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:37:26 -0500
Confirmed the purchase today!  Now I just have to break it to the wife and
wait for dry roads to get it home.

>Back in Sept a manager from one of the dealerships I am affiliated with
>brought an 80 B to me for my opinion of its value as the owner was
>considering trading it in.  It was a rust free LE with a not so nice
>repaint, supposedly rebuilt motor with a Weber downdraft (DGV?) carb, okay
>interior and a questionalble odometer reading of 64k.  Well, I
>told him what
>I thought and that I would be a buyer if he took it in on trade.  He said
>that he was looking for an old car but the MG wouldn't be practical as he
>has two small kids.  A few days later I saw the car at the dealership and
>upon inquiring found they had taken it in on trade,but that the manager had
>decided that he wanted it afterall.  I was pretty sure that he
>wanted it a.)
>only cuz he didn't want me to have it, or b.) to keep it till spring and
>make a tidy profit on it.  I don't think it is nice enuf to make a big
>profit on.  In any case it kind of p***** me off.  Finally yesterday he was
>going to get it off his lot and put it in storage for the winter, it's been
>outside for the last couple months.  Last night when I got home he
>called me
>and said that he had found a car he really wanted (Mustang) and was I still
>interested in the MG?    He wants $2800, then I would have to pay 6% sales
>tax, plate and title fee.  This is $300 more than I would have paid had I
>been able to buy it originally.  The car is worth the $2800 (I'm pretty
>sure), although I did find a couple of wires under the dash (as of yet
>unidentified) that the insulation had partially melted off, and a couple
>other minor problems.  I will have to re-evaluate it as maybe something
>happened that I am not aware of.
>So, wa da ya think list?  Should I just swallow hard and buy it,
>or pass, or
>maybe offer him a little less?  He told me he had a couple others that were
>interested in it, but that is questionable too. BTW, wife wouldn't be real
>happy if I bought it, but I can deal with that.
>Gordie Bird
>[Back from my Holiday travels, only a few thousand Team.Net error messages
> to wade through!  I should be getting caught up soon, and sending out some
> older mail like this that got trapped by majordomo forr various reasons.
> mjb.]

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