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Re: Title/Plates Cost [OT rant]

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Subject: Re: Title/Plates Cost [OT rant]
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:40:47 -0800
This is exactly what I was ranting about! A f***ing $35 rebate doesn't do 
you or me a damn bit of good -- just goes for pizza and beer. But the 
total revenue loss to the state is $millions (or billions in CA), meaning 
services are cut back and the quality of life goes down for everyone. Yet 
the bloody politicians do it again and again, so they can claim they "cut 
taxes" during their administration. And the stupid media let them get 
away with these completely misleading statements... don't get me 

OK, I'll shut up now...


Jordon had this to say:

>I was mildly amused the other day while watching the news here in Seattle.
>There were two stories back to back:
>The first was about the Washington State Ferry system's proposed rate
>doubling because of Initiative 695.
>The second was about the proposed $35 tax refund to everyone in Washington
>State because of the tax surplus.
>79 B
>98 HD


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