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Re: Title/Plates Cost [OT rant]

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: Title/Plates Cost [OT rant]
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 08:15:52 -0600
At 12:40 PM -0800 12/29/99, Max Heim wrote:
>This is exactly what I was ranting about! A f***ing $35 rebate doesn't do
>you or me a damn bit of good -- just goes for pizza and beer. But the
>total revenue loss to the state is $millions (or billions in CA), meaning
>services are cut back and the quality of life goes down for everyone. Yet
>the bloody politicians do it again and again, so they can claim they "cut
>taxes" during their administration. And the stupid media let them get
>away with these completely misleading statements... don't get me
>OK, I'll shut up now...

It has more to do with us stupid voters. We have been willing, for 
the past 20 years to have someone tell us it is our money, so they 
need to cut taxes. We never say wait a minute. Just where are we 
going to spend less, and what will it cost us in the long run?

There is a cost for everything. In driving lbcs we must pay for parts 
and to maintain the licence and insurance. It is the cost that, for 
us, gives a great return. Likewise, we must pay to maintain a civil 
society with domestic tranquility such we have good safe roads to 
drive on. After all, with the exception of the Land Rover, lbcs are 
not particularly adept off road vehicles.

When we, through our patronage, require that the media actually 
investigate what they report, and require that politicians tell us 
what the cost is in terms of what we pay and what we get if we are to 
give them our vote it will get better. Otherwise we get what we 
deserve. We did elect the turkeys! Rant mode off.

Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw
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