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Re: That '71 B again (longish)

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Subject: Re: That '71 B again (longish)
From: "George Procyshyn" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:27:48 -0500
Find/borrow/etc. a vehicle with a trailer hitch on it. Rent one of those
Uhaul trailers that you push the front wheels up on and fasten the front
wheels to the trailer with straps.  The rear end is on the ground.  They're
cheap to rent. For 80 miles "I" wouldn't even bother disconnecting the
drive shaft although you could if you're overly concerned.  I'm in
Cleveland and sold an MGA once to a guy in Chicago who hauled it home that
way.  The B will fit fine and you won't have any problems.
George Procyshyn
'51 TD
'55 TF1500

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Subject: That '71 B again (longish)

> Well, I got a call late last week that the teal blue '71 B I posted to
> list about awhile ago that wouldn't start now runs. Took a ride out there
> Also, what is the going rate for transporting MGB's?
> The car would need to be trailered about 80 miles. The guy selling the
> called a guy he uses to transport cars for him while I was there and said
> would cost $150 to transport. Is this OK, or would I be better off
renting a
> U-Haul car hauler and U-Haul pickup with a hitch to do the job? Sorry for
> the long message, and TIA for any opinions.
> Craig Niederst
> '92 Audi 100S
> '71 MGB?????

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