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That '71 B again (longish)

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Subject: That '71 B again (longish)
From: "Craig D. Niederst" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 01:49:50 -0500
Well, I got a call late last week that the teal blue '71 B I posted to the
list about awhile ago that wouldn't start now runs. Took a ride out there to
have a ride in it yesterday (with a good 2 inches of snow on the ground,
made the test drive more fun!). Since the car has been driven only a couple
of times in the past 6 months, it needed a jump to start. Once started, the
car idled a bit roughly for a few minutes, but then idled smoothly after
warm-up. The test drive was limited to a quick jaunt up the road and some
maneuvering in a large snow-covered parking lot (the brakes on the car were
quite spongy, didn't want to risk a longer ride). Once warmed up, the oil
pressure was steady at about 50 psi at idle. Engine was strong, clutch was
not heavy (or spongy), and tranny shifted smoothly. Steering seemed a bit
tight and heavy, but the tires were a bit low in air pressure (and my other
car has power steering). All electrics worked (headlights, taillights, turn
signals, etc). Wiper switch on the column was broken, but DPO rigged the
wipers to work on a switch mounted under the dash. This car has minimal rust
present (inner sills and outer rockers have no rust showing and are solid,
underside of car solid after poking around underneath). Only Bondo on entire
car was in dogleg sections, but job was good enough that I needed the magnet
to find it). Floors have only minimal surface scale rust on them, and has a
quarter sized hole on the passenger side (could be patched). Battery
compartments and trunk floor are in good shape. Top is in good condition (no
rips/tears, windows clear). Paint job on the car is a respray, but is very
good. Chrome decent with minor pitting. The interior is shot (would need
carpets, both seats rebuilt, new panels, some gauge work (they all work but
the temp gauge, tach and fuel gauges are peeling badly) and some new
switches (old ones are still functional but in poor shape from age and use).
Poking around in the engine bay, I noticed something strange for a '71 (5/71
build date according to the doorjamb plate). The engine had the canister
type oil filter, which supposed to be replaced in mid '70 by the cartridge
type filter (according to Clausager). The engine looked like the original
engine (had the BL sticker and not the MG logo), and had the correct id
plate (18GK engine). The guy selling the car is asking $2500 (dealer), and I
told him it was too high, considering the car would need trailered home and
quite a bit of work (brakes, interior, etc). I was told that they had close
to $2500 in the car, and the price was only slightly negotiable. At this I
left, and told the guy to give me a call if he changed his mind. Well, there
was a message on my machine when I got home from work today asking me to
give the guy a call and make an offer. I know most listers will tell me to
walk away from this car, but I am still considering it (it is a running,
structurally sound example with a good body, a pretty rare find in the rust
belt here in PA). So what do you guys (and gals) think? $2000? $1500?
Somewhere in between? Also, what is the going rate for transporting MGB's?
The car would need to be trailered about 80 miles. The guy selling the car
called a guy he uses to transport cars for him while I was there and said it
would cost $150 to transport. Is this OK, or would I be better off renting a
U-Haul car hauler and U-Haul pickup with a hitch to do the job? Sorry for
the long message, and TIA for any opinions.

Craig Niederst
'92 Audi 100S
'71 MGB?????

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