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Re: Manifold Torgue

To: "Tom Wagner" <>, "mg" <>
Subject: Re: Manifold Torgue
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:18:13 -0000
Hi, Tom.

My Autodata book says 15 lb/ft as well. Could it be that your manifold isn't
true? Or is the gasket wrong/bad/poor quality?

I'd suggest you check these things first becuase you'll certainly damage the
fastenings before you straighten the manifold by overtightening.


Dave H.

> To the Wisdom of the Net:
> Can someone tell me what the setting is
> for the torque wrench for connecting the
> exhaust/intake manifold to the engine
> on a 67 MGB.
> The Hayes manual says about 15-16 lbs.
> but I think this is not the correct number
> as I think I have an air leak as the car
> won't start or run to good.
> So what is the correct number????
> Thanks
> Tom Wagner
> 67 MGB
> 72 TR 6
> David Hill/Psychomotor
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