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Re: Roadster Factory follow up,

Subject: Re: Roadster Factory follow up,
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 00:23:14 EST

The best way to resolve this if they will not get back to you (or any company 
for that matter) is as Tab and Larry have mentioned.  Most credit card 
companys will honor a claim up to six months from your initial phone call to 
the credit card company.  They will make a note on your record and then send 
you paper work that you have to fill out and mail back to them.  

They in turn will then notify the vendor you dealt with and advise them of 
the problem and request resolution.  If the vendor does not respond they will 
automatically be debited back.

They normally will not request you pay the charge amount till it is resolved. 
 In your case I am sure you have paid VISA or MC so they will just 
investigate for you and when it is resolved you will get a credit to your 

I have always found the best way is to issue a credit immediately, if you 
have the goods back and they are in good order there would be no reason not 

Best regards,


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