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Subject: Re: replacement bearings x-mac-creator="4D4F5353"
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Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 09:16:02 -0700

Whilst appreciating your attempt at humor, as a proud distributor of Moss
Motors' parts, I am offended that you would include their name in your April
Fools' joke. They suffer quite enough from people who blame their parts for
failures (often attributable to ignorance and carelessness on the part of
the installer) that they don't need jokes such as yours which, I am sure,
will be partially read by some people who will see only "failure.....third
time......Moss" and draw the conclusion that they should not deal with Moss

I believe your joke would have been just as funny (if that's the correct
word) without reference to any of the vendors who invest time and money in
making sure that we enthusiasts can keep our cars on the road.

British Sportscar Center
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From: dave houser <>
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Date: Sunday, April 01, 2001 8:49 AM
Subject: replacement bearings x-mac-creator="4D4F5353"

>Well folks, I"ve truly had it with this restoration. For the third time,
>Moss' bearings let me down again. Noise started  immediately after
>taking the car out this evening and got progressively louder while under
>way. Having recognized the problem immediately, I am asking the list for
>new sources of muffler bearings. I'm looking for the tapered kind this
>time, so anyone having any recommendations, please forward info to the
>list, too.
>Dave H.

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