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Surface rust

To: "MG" <>
Subject: Surface rust
From: "Doug" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 09:24:38 -0700
I'm stripping a '65 B down for a fairly complete restoration. The car has
about three layers of paint/fill/ bondo and I'm working one section at a
time, using aircraft stripper, heat, and wire brushes. I just returned from
a couple weeks out of town, and my concerns over surface rust appear to have
come true: A light surface rust is showing up on the stripped metal.

I don't suspect I'll be ready to paint the car anytime soon, so I need to
know what I can do to protect the bare metal from rust.

I'm thinking the best I can do would be to spray paint primer on when I'm
done stripping a section and just count on stripping it again before I
paint. Shouldn't be too hard to strip off a thin coat of cheap primer/

I'd appreciate any ideas!

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