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Re: dodged the bullet

To: "David Councill" <>,
Subject: Re: dodged the bullet
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 18:16:46 -0600 (MDT)
They are not the same.  The Moss one for $450 is made with the original
tools, IIRC by British Heritage, the other is a generic OEM one.

I have heard that the quality of both is not good.  I ended up buying a
RRB fender for my '70 CBB and having the missing piece welded in.  

The used ones are supposed to fit much better, but the labor on
prepping the used fender pushed my price up over $500 total.  

I have been told that the OEM ones can take 10 hours to get the fit
correct back by the door.  Mine ended up costing me about $120 or so
for the used fender patched for a CB and the rest of the $ for labor in
fixing all of the dings in the used fender, but they said it fit right
on with no fighting...


On Sun, 01 Apr 2001 13:27:08 -0600, David Councill wrote:

>I almost screwed myself on Ebay.  I need a left hand front fender for my 
>72B restoration project. An unused repro was on Ebay so I jumped in the 
>bidding and got caught in the frenzy. I bid up to $220, knowing a Moss oe 
>version costs about $450. Then after looking through my catalogs, I noticed 
>Improper MG has a new front repro fender for $169.
>I still had a day left and with a sick feeling, I pondered withdrawing my 
>bid. But bidding too high is no excuse to withdraw according to Ebay. But 
>then the usual happened - the last minute bidding the next day. Two others 
>jumped in and the fender was gone at a bargain $232.
>So I pored over my catalogs - Improper MG at $169,  TRF at $279 (Moss at 
>$259 but GT only??). Are these for the same repro fender? Is the more 
>expensive OE fender worth an extra $200? I've had problems with the Proper 
>MG on other body parts which they did replace so has anyone had any 
>experience with their fenders? Anyone have a good used front fender they 
>would sell? I'm not in a hurry - the 72B will be ready for the road next 
>year I hope.
>David Councill

Andrew Lundgren

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