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Subject: neat trick at
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 01:17:16 EDT
My favorite place to order parts,, has added what surely is 
the neatest trick in the business...  thier database, where you could already 
order parts by Moss codes, now searches by original BMC codes!  What this 
means to owners of unusual BMC cars, like my 1959 MG  Magnette Mk. III, is we 
can use the factory catalog and check if a part is off an MGA, Austin Healey, 
or whatever, and then order it right there.  Or if you don't have a strange 
car but want to use your old BMC books to make an order you can.  

Jeff Zorn is perhaps a bit modest and not enough of a self-promoter, so I 
figured I'd do it for him.  Current users should note...

If you thought it was a pain to keep entering one part at a time in the 
little box, you can now enter in like 30 at a time or something liek that...  
MUCH quicker and easier.
And if you hate re-entering your name, adress, credit card over and over... 
well you only have to do it once and its saved-for-life now.

I dont have any financial interest in this company but I buy parts from them 
all the time, and they've never done me wrong.  With thier website only 
getting better and better (there is NOTHING comparable) you really should 
give it a try.  There are some other people selling parts over the internet, 
but none that have their entire parts database online and searchable... most 
have soemthing like "send me an email with what you want and I'll get back to 
you on the prices"   The prices come up instantly on Jeff's site. I love 
websites, I got my own, and I am a business major at UNH, 
and I really think that this "good thing" deserves more attention.  If you 
have "connections" with places, or friends in some independant shops that 
treat you right, by all means stick with them.  But if you haven't found your 
regular supplier, or haven't developed a loyalty to any particular vendor, 
check out   


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