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Derek Bell - A Happy Brit!

Subject: Derek Bell - A Happy Brit!
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 16:49:06 +0930
Singapore, 4th April 2001.... 

Team Bentley has announced today that its newest recruit is five times Le Mans 
winner Derek Bell. Derek will work as a consultant to the team between now and 
the race in June, giving the benefit of his vast experience of not only the 
but, crucially, in preparing for it too. Come the  race weekend, he will be on 
hand throughout the 24 hours to lend strategic and tactical assistance. He will 
also perform a wider and on-going role for Bentley Motors in the evaluation of 
its forthcoming road cars. 

I can scarcely believe its happening, said a clearly emotional Bell. In the 
last 30 years of my career Ive worked with so many car companies, but have had 
hardly any involvement with British manufacturers; now I find myself not only 
working for Bentley but also helping out with their return to Le Mans. We have 
both won this race five times and even though I will not be driving I cannot 
think of a happier way for me to go back to Le Mans. It is truly a job-
description from heaven. 

Adelaide, South Australia

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