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Re: HELP, odometer freaked out at 100K

Subject: Re: HELP, odometer freaked out at 100K
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 03:53:39 -0400 wrote:
> Is this an expected occurance?  Has anyone had experience with this
> phenomenon? 

  This is fairly common, and surprisingly, can
be non-trivial.

  The trouble is that the little plastic gears in your
odometer are slowly degrading over all the years.

  Unfortunately, they sometimes degrade so much that
they will break, usually at "round numbers" when a
lot of grimy gears all have to turn at once and the
forces are highest.

  This happens a lot with restored cars actually,
when the highest digits are actually seized and the
new owner drives up to 9,999 miles before he finds
out the hard way.

  It could be minor, but good luck. Ideally you
should drive more, so you can do 100,000 miles
in less time than it takes the gears to seize. ;>

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