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RE: MGA windscreen

To: "Gordon Bird" <>, <>
Subject: RE: MGA windscreen
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 05:55:00 -0500
At 4:39 PM -0400 4/3/01, Gordon Bird wrote:
>Scott, is it a new rubber piece?  I have an old one that is the same way,
>and does the same thing.  Until I am able to replace it, I (with shame) put
>a thin bead of RTV silicone between the body and the rubber, put some weight
>on it overnight, and seems to work pretty well.  Best solution would be to
>replace it with one that fits properly (if yours is new).  I hear a co. in
>Canada called MacGregor has about the best rubber one can get for an MGA.  I
>don't have any more info as I am not ready for that project.
>Anybody know how to get in touch of MacGregor?
>Safety Fast!
>Gordie Bird
>'62 MGA
>'80 MGB LE
>'86 Audi 4kq
>>  I am getting air under the rubber windscreen seal which causes an annoying
>>  buzz against the body. I cannot get the rubber fap to lay flat. Any
>>  suggestions?
>>  Cheers
>  > Scott

When I installed mine, I first trimmed it to fit. then I parked the 
car in the sun for a day. It hasn't been a problem.  I got the seal 
from Moss.
Bob Shaw
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