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RE: Head swap latest + tyre pressures

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Subject: RE: Head swap latest + tyre pressures
From: scott beavis <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 11:26:17 +0100
>Factory recommended tyre pressures for a 155/14 equipped roadster and
>equipped GT are 21 front and 24 rear

The tyre would look half flat at that pressure and also be impossibly heavy
to drive. The steering creaks and groans as it is. I am using a brand new
tyre pressure gauge. I obviously thought my old one was over reading so
bought another one.

>plus 6psi for sustained speeds at or
>near the maximum.  Is the steering free with the front off the ground and
>supported under the spring pans?

I will check this. I was worried about jacking under the cross member as it
doesn't look level underneath. I'll jack under the spring pans then. I need
to remove the front wheels and have a poke around anyway.


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